The Summit

When: October 18, 2019

Where: North Park University


Our Vision

Chicago Research Summit promotes Chicago-based pedagogy and research for regional higher education institutions serving undergraduates.


  • To provide a platform  to share successful pedagogical strategies for engaging undergraduates in research about Chicago.

  • To build collaborative relationships between faculty, staff, administrators, librarians, cultural institutions, and community organizations.

  • To create a forum to share and learn about research resources, collections, and learning opportunities that support Chicago-based research pedagogy.

Our Team

Matt Ostercamp
Library Director
North Park University

Cathy Mayer
Director of the Library
Trinity Christian University

Jill King
Reference, Instruction and Academic Engagement Librarian
DePaul University

Marielle McNeal
Assistant Professor of Information Literacy
North Park University

Arlie Sims
Head of Reference and Instruction Library
Columbia College Chicago

Rebecca Skirvin
Coordinator of Archives
North Central College

Sarah Thorngate
Assistant Professor of Information Literacy
North Park University

Jeanne M. Long
Executive Director
Chicago Collections Consortium