Cross-Departmental Collaboration and Undergraduate Engagment with Research

We will share some of the pedagogical and administrative successes as well as institutional lessons learned through the Newberry Library’s Undergraduate Seminar Programs.

The Newberry offers two yearly seminars that combine traditional coursework, curated displays of collection materials, and student-led archival research projects. While topics of the courses vary, offerings reflect the collection strengths, including Chicago and the Midwest. We will describe and analyze these programs and their use of interdisciplinary teaching teams, faculty

research fellowships, librarian and archivist-led classes, and institutional partnerships. In addition to providing an overview of the programs, we will include discussion surrounding course syllabi, library orientation and instruction course designs, and student testimonials. We hope that attendees will leave with some strategies for achieving this productive dynamic.

Margaret Cusick (Newberry Library) and Mary Hale (Newberry Library)